"ultima ratio"

About us

Digital technologies are our landscape.
The Internet is our sea.
Communities is our everything!”
(Not by Charles Fourier)

Falanster - is a team of social geeks, people who want to change our society, to rock it. We are social innovators and experimenters who promote the new forms of cooperation within communities, assist communities to form and strengthen.

Falanster is a hope for a new conscious tomorrow.

Our mission and vision

With the help of open and free digital and humanitarian technologies, we strive to achieve a more autonomous and dynamic Belarusian society, actively involved in the creation of laws, development and decision making.

The result of our activity is the widespread use of free and open source hardware and software, content, transparent management approaches and decision-making, as well as the principles of open culture in the life of society.

Our values:

  1. Innovative;
  2. Autonomy;
  3. Collectivism;
  4. Openness;
  5. Mutual assistance;
  6. Involvement;
  7. Social Equality.


Falanster was officially registered on December 23, 2010, but its history began even earlier.

What are we working on today?

  1. We promote the development of civil communities (Doika, Digital Lab, Housewarming 2.0).
  2. We are engaged in educational activities (master classes and meet-ups for non-profit initiatives and IT-volunteers).
  3. We design clothes, stickers and badges on a geek theme and teach it others (geeklauka). 

How do we work?

We create a community of social geeks - people who are not indifferent to their surroundings, ready to experiment, learn and act. Those who are obsessed with their activities and want to influence the world around them through it.

We believe that technologies make it possible to change the world. We use many methods, but today we keep our focus on digital technologies. At the heart of our activities are communities. You can join one of our projects and clubs or offer partnership.

Who are we looking for?

We create a community of social geeks! If you are ...

  • an open-source user-loner
  • a grammar nazi journalist
  • a bilingual rapper
  • a cyber designer
  • an admin 404
  • a wiki nerd and a lurkmore navigator
  • a fair lawyer
  • a digital caretaker
  • a crypto cooker
  • a paranoid translator
  • a PR-introvert
  • a mesh-cyclist
  • a pirate, a walking meme or other E-lite

it means you are a social geek

Are you interested in experimenting?

take part!!!

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