"cogitandum et agendum"

Housewarming 2.0

Moving to a new place in the summer of 2018 has made our space bigger and possibilities wider.

We’re ready to share our resources with both individuals and social and commercial initiatives. On a regular basis.

  1. First of all, we want our office and resources to be used effectively to realize the missions of Falanster.
  2. We are willing to strengthen the existing and make new cooperations with initiatives, like-minded organisations and individuals, who share our values. So, we make a step towards offering Falanster opportunities.
  3. Our aims are to increase the number of Falanster supporters and the place itself to have rational basis for sustainable development.

Terms of partnership

We have two work approaches: with activists and initiatives. 

1. Organisation or a public initiative?

Cooperation algorithm:

  1. An organisation shares or at least does not contradicts to our values. A prior application and a get-acquainted meeting. 
  2. Variants
    1. The uncommercial initiative suggests what it can do in exchange for using the room from our wish-list or makes a free donate in advance.
    2. The commercial projects (organisations) donate to Falanster on its activities in advance by agreement.
  3. Make a special post in their public pages and messagers where describes Falanster as the infrastructure partner.

initiative application

2. Activist?

Algorithm for getting a personal subscription:

  1. You visited Falanster and helped in the activity. You share Falanster’s views and principles, you are remembered as a responsible and honest person.
  2. Apply (obligatory only for the partners with the subscription Standard, Advanced and Special) and get reference from two Falanster participants.
  3. Then you have to make a three months’ fee in advance or transfer it through Doika.


Table of personal subscriptions

Name Description Fee BYN per month
Follower One may visit the office during working hours as well as during the events and use the resources 5
Standard Follower + one has a box for his/her projects 10
Advanced Standard + one may visit the office any time and has a keeper’s function and a formal status in the organisation, email account 20
Special Advanced + one can recommend new participants and with reason block the unwanted ones 30


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