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Falanster. Reboot. 2016–2017

Wed, 03/23/2016 - 13:30

Here is the narration about this year and the beginning of the next year.

The main direction is determined.

Digital Lab

This initiative is our pilot attempt to start the active development of the digital volunteering in Belarus. Digital volunteering is the help in improving or creating the site, application redesign, consultation about the online-devices or translation of any online-service.

This initiative will be divided into three levels. Firstly, we help initiatives to level up their digital potential. Secondly, we encourage IT-volunteers to be involved in the supporting of initiatives through various activities offline (hackathons, festivals) and online. And the third level is the deployment of online platform on the Internet where the public initiative can express their needs and IT-volunteers will be able to choose to whom they want to help.

The activity will be divided into steps:

  • competition “Geeks and initiatives”, where the initiative will be able to describe their digital needs and volunteers - to select the initiative and help it;
  • geek-hosting, that provides non-profit social initiatives with hosting and service, will become a platform for geeks experiments;
  • digital volunteer – deployment of the online platform for interaction of volunteers and initiatives that need help.

We are planning to start the Digital Lab in 2016 and the beginning of 2017.

Activities aimed at the growth of the Falanster's community

Cyber Cinema Bunker

Cyber Cinema Bunker will take place in Falanster during this autumn. This initiative is a sequel of a classic Cinema Bunker but more attention will be payed to digital technologies in everyday life, with the themes presented: cyberpunk, dystopia and computers. Informal atmosphere of film screening is to stimulate the discussion about Belarusian role in the future of digitized world.


EVS – stands for European Voluntary Service. Here we hope to expand our community with the help of a long-term voluntary exchange, and also find similar European organizations for further collaboration.

Local volunteers will be offered with intellectual and professional boost during Falanster internship.

Tech section

During winter-spring 2016 period we are planning to improve Falanster electronic infrastructure. Firstly, it is nesessary to shape the site according to ongoing needs and promote СРМ. And, secondly, run Falanster own server.

Falanster kitchen

It's a vlog, were we try to keep you informed with the latest Falanster news, preparations and activities, share with you our plans and philosophy.

Assembly Hall

МWe'll continue the project New dwelling - Assembly Hall and will help our adherent activists and NGOs, who are in need of place or other resources Falanster is equipped with.


Other activities. Wikification

The last but not the least is Wiki-direction. This year will focus our mind on Wiki-expeditions. We'll be also promoting Wiki-volunteering and user-group projects development along with Wiki-communities cooperation on regional and international levels.


As you see, we have loads of plans. But the first initiative is in the front rank, other projects will be materialized according to Flanster community development. .

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