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Mon, 06/10/2013 - 02:00

The presentation of a small book with a set of necessary rules and useful bike tips named 'Cyclist's Guide' took place on June 8 in Minsk.

The event was conditionally divided into two parts. According to the considered plan, cyclists of different ages and bike-outfits (though, some of them didn't have a single fender) connected by curiosity and interest, meet in Gorky Park near the 'Kazachny Zamak'.

Let's go! A warming-up ride was organized according to all the traffic laws: cyclists dismounted on the crossroads, let pass moms with the baby carriages, steered around children and adults. Disturbed pedestrians cried: 'It's not a bike track!' But would this fact really stop bike fans?!

The route which is used to be completed in 10 minutes lasted for half an hour since there is no certain place for a cyclist in the world of city vehicles and pedestrians. This particular problem was noticed by the ride organizers. Among other problems, there was also the lack of knowledge in the rights and traffic rules on the streets, sidewalks and pedestrian footpaths even by advanced cyclists.

The participants shared one road and the same traffic lights. The run positively united all of them in one strong bike-power. After reaching the final point, they kept riding to the presentation point. However, changeable June weather left no chance for relaxation: the rain was about to start.

Falanster presented the brochure and mentioned current bike issues by giving the positive example of its own acts and deeds.

Marina, the coordinator of the Falanster's club 'Femida', announced the main objectives and targets of the event: ' We've been working on the creation of 'Cyclists' Guide' for two months. We tried to gather all the necessary information such as extracts from the traffic laws, bike care advice, useful tips, etc. in this brochure. This guide is the first step on the way to making a cyclist an essential part of the traffic'.

The ceremonial presentation of the brochures took place not far from Park named after the 40th anniversary of October under the summer shower with two rainbows. Everyone was given the copy and the opportunity to share their own skills with the project. Heavy rain was rather encouraging and only was treated as the reason to continue communication and find new contacts under the tent.

'Cyclists' Guide' is only the first step of paying attention to the most significant bike issues for their further discussion on the higher level. The laws are not immortal, especially when it comes to the traffic laws!

Hey, cyclist - the road's all yours! And you must know this.

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