"qui pro quo"

For partners

Falanster is an organization open to cooperation with a wide range of public communities, non-profit and commercial organizations, activists and initiatives.

Our mission: To create a more autonomous and dynamic Belarusian society with the help of open and free digital and humanitarian technologies.

Youth public association “Falanster” values;:

  1. Innovative;
  2. Autonomy;
  3. Collectivism;
  4. Openness;
  5. Mutual assistance;
  6. Involvement;
  7. Social Equality.

Our main principles of cooperation with partners:

  1. Openness and transparency in all matters regarding collaboration.
  2. Mutual responsibility.
  3. Accurate separation of roles and responsibilities between the sides.
  4. Developing a cooperation mechanism: frequency of meetings and communication tools.
  5. Mutual assistance and 100% involvement in activity from each side.

We will be happy to find partners

  1. Joint activity. The activities you want to do with us should be consistent with the mission and values of the Falanster.
  2. Holding events on the same conditions + we combine our human and/or material resources.
  3. As part of the project Housewarming 2.0 .

Also, we are looking for activists

We will be happy to accept activists in Falanster who share our values and mission and want to take the initiative in one of the current directions or create and lead a new one that corresponds to the mission of Falanster.

We have a lot of experience:

  • work with volunteers and exactly with IT-volunteers;
  • IT project management;
  • project management in remote teams via online tools;
  • organizing of events with participation of up to several hundred people; working with open source programs, Linux OS, open source graphic tools Gimp, InkScape, working with video in Blender;
  • organizing of collective work through wiki, work with the Belarusian Wikipedia and the wiki community;
  • organizing transparent work processes and decision-making in the team;
  • in the deployment of MES-networks (horizontal wi-fi networks for communications in a special area or event);
  • knowledge of copyright, open licenses of Creative Commons, free culture and the sharing economy (in Belarus and around the world);
  • digital security and privacy; working with security technologies in a team and personal security;
  • and we even have experience of vermi technologies in urban environments or zero organic waste.

Our resources:

  • office in the city centre (accommodates 20-30 people); 
  • Wi-Fi;
  • rovarny kutok (both tools and consumables for bicycles);
  • boiler and kettle;
  • projector, screen, speakers;
  • 2 tables and about 25 chairs; 
  • whiteboard, markers, paper, pens, pencils, another stationery, found in general access;
  • laptops, headphones, mice;
  • web services: grammarly, realtimeboard, zapier, mindmeister;
  • bookcrossing shelf and Falanster library;
  • active IT volunteers and the opportunity to involve new ones, including those in humanitarian areas;
  • communication tools: e-mail distribution of Falanster and Digital Lab, communities in Vk and Fb.

To offer a partnership, please write a letter to falanster.by@gmail.com or

fill in the application!

We will be happy to cooperate!


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