"nota bene"

Projects are the Falanster's branches, approaches which help us to:

  • influence on social, cultural, economical and political life of our country;
  • inform and proliferate our ideals, principles, views;
  • interact with different communities and groups, and change the society in this cooperation.

The project forms may be different. Now there are a development of free knowledge ecosystem, creation the cyclist's hepler, design and integration e-participation tool of society in public affairs etc.

Our projects give a chance for an active person to be in various roles: volunteer, activist, coordinator and to become part of the Falanster's cosa nostra! :)

You can help our projects with funds, too.

All changes begin from communication.

Clubs are our laboratories for knowledge aggregation and experience securing. Here we experiment, test new approaches and ideas, exchange knowledge and interact.

In our clubs we want to:
1. Create useful for the Falanster and society projects, which open other culture, new knowledge and opportunity for different target groups.
2. Increase follower's and supporter's circle.
3. Enforce the Falanster's community and gather the organization with interesting people, actual information and other important stuff and sources to work for society changes.

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