"cosa nostra"

Team work

Our main means of communication:

  1. Monthly meetings, each second Tuesday of the month. The meetings take place in the office at 6:50 pm. Different topics are raised, the pad is filling by everybody who wants to participate. Free entrance for like-minded people, followers and partners. During the meeting, you can communicate with activists and join us.
  2. Skype is used for permanent communication, here we talk about interesting news and hot deals, or invite onto our events.
  3. Wiki of Falanster is a knowledge base in which we store important and useful information that can be used more than once by Falanster members and our supporters. Everyone can add and change data on the wiki.
  4. The website where we post news, reflect our projects and events, leave official information and contact details.
  5. Subscription is regular news from Falanster.
  6. The main project communication takes place through the boards in Trello. To get to the board you are interested in, contact us or look in the wiki for information about open boards.


Certain principles have been formed for all the time of the Falanster existence on which we act. The most important ones: 

Transparency means that the participants in the organization seek to improve the availability and timeliness of information about the organization activities for all interested sides and ensure transparent decision making and discussion of controversial issues by all participants in the organization. For this we use Loomio, wiki, notebooks.

Do-ocracy - this means that the activities of the organization can flexibly change depending on the interests of the most active and productive members of the organization. Decisions in specific projects can be discussed by everyone, but are made only by those who will then perform the indicated tasks. The other participants of Falanster have the right to express their attitude or simply to support the realization of the plans with their own resources. Also, "do-ocracy" means that every alternative thought must be supported by a willingness to implement it.

Involvement is the desire of the Falanster's participants to involve society to their projects from the one side. And from the other side Falanster's activists eager to participate in various communities, learning and changing them. 

You can take part in our team as a volunteer or a partner!

You are welcome!


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