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Data and privacy policy

  • Google Analytics is set up on the site. It means that third parties can gather information about you. Those, who don't agree with that kind of approach, should use some browser plugins (for example Privacy Badger, Ublock and others).
  • Data gathered with the help of Google forms is used accordingly to your answers and purposes of the form itself. We are not responsible for the incorrect usage of personal data, which was filled beyond our infrastructure (site or wiki).
  • This site uses cookies. So, if you want to switch them off, apply appropriate browser settings.


  • Content on the site is set under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 license. We motivate volunteers, interns and other participants of the organization to make their own content and code under free and open licenses (Creative Common BY-SA 4.0, GNU GPL 3.0 etc.) The content comes in the form of texts, photos, sounds, video and mixed material. 
  • Borrowed content can be used on the site, it will be specifically marked. Any borrowed material is used for non commercial and educational purposes only, accordingly to the Falanster statute and educational limits of 32 article of the law "On author's right and neighbouring rights" of The Republic of Belarus.
  • Widgets of the third services located on the site pages (for example, youtube.com) use their own licence according to the purpose of use.

Conditions for those, who wants to use or add (write/take pictures) new content to the site are described below:

What can be done with the site content?

You can copy, distribute, mix, adapt content and make up author's works (text, photo, video), including commercial usage till you stick to this conditions in respect to your new works, created from the works, which are not signed by any other conditions. All new works, or products, created accordingly to this list of laws, will fit those conditions. Read license text on the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International page.

What is forbidden to do with the content?

Any technical tools which restrict access to the original site content are forbidden to use. It should be mentioned that content from other resources is distributed according to the rules of these particular resources.

What else do the conditions of Falanster site usage demand?

In addition to the rules described above, Falanster requires for signing its photos with author's name and site name falanster.by either under the article, or under the title of the article, or directly under the photo. You should mention author's name in the form of a direct link to the page where the original is. When a photo gets to the gallery, author's sign should be directly under the photo.

Rules for donations.

You can make a contribution through the Falanster website. The money will be accepted as voluntary donations to the activities of the Organization. Refunds are not made, if you have already donated.

You are reporting a typo in the following text:
Simply click the "Send typo report" button to complete the report. You can also include a comment.